The 6 Exotic Foods You Need To Eat

The 6 Exotic Foods You Need To Eat

We’ve been around the world and we’ve had some amazing meals. There’s foods out there that we hadn’t even heard of that totally blew our minds. Exploring new cuisines is part of the reason we love travel.

We’ve done the legwork to find these places for you. Here’s a list of our top six:

  • Steak in Buenos Aires. There’s a few things that Argentines pride themselves on, and steak is one of those things. Go to a puerta cerrada (closed door) restaurant and get ready to have your mind blown by the creations of a Argentinian grillmaster, called an asador. Savor top-quality cuts of meat, seasoned and cooked to perfection. We went with Steak’s by Luis in Buenos Aires, and had our minds blown. For more on BA, check out this comprehensive guide by Nomadic Matt.
The full spread from an Argentine asado
The full spread from an Argentine asado
  • Fresh fish somewhere on a remote Greek island. There’s nothing better than being served fish by the same person who caught it earlier that day. You can have that experience on any number of Greek islands. We found our culinary sweet spot in Rhodes, at Hatzikelis. Go into the back to pick your whole fish out of the icebox and then leave it up to the chef. The Greeks keep it simple – the fish is grilled and lightly seasoned with olive oil (of course) and lemon juice. Simple is beautiful. The ambiance at this spot isn’t bad either, as you’re steps away from the harbor and in the shadows of a ruined Byzantine church.
  • Vietnamese street food. For us, Vietnam is synonymous with good food. Banh mi will be your gateway drug, easing you into Vietnamese street cuisine. From there, the world of street food explodes in infinite directions. We found the best food in Hoi An, and fell in love with a type of shrimp dumpling called white rose. Literally one of the best things we’ve ever eaten. Check out this great guide for more on Vietnamese street food.
A feast - including White Rose dumplings - in Hoi An, Vietnam
A feast – including White Rose dumplings – in Hoi An, Vietnam
  • Pizza in Naples. We’ve been up and down Italy, and our conclusion is that the best pizza in the entire country can be found in Naples. We have no doubt that people will disagree with this statement, and we don’t care. The freshest ingredients (the best prosciutto and mozzerella in the world) and literally centuries of experience make Naples the epicenter of Italian pizza. Honestly you can’t go wrong just about anywhere that you go.

  • Turkish gozleme (a quesadilla-like creation straight from heaven). Turkey isn’t necessarily a culinary tour-de-force, but there are a few bright spots if you know what you’re doing. Gozleme is made with hand-rolled dough brushed with egg and butter, stuffed with ingredients of your choice (veggies and/or meat), and cooked over a traditional griddle. To top it off, you can also find dessert gozleme’s with chocolate and other delicious ingredients. Find a hole-in-the wall restaurant with a woman sitting in the front of the restaurant in front of a griddle. We found our best gozleme at an amazing spot in Patara called Ayse’s Pancake House, just steps from one of the best beaches on the Turquoise Coast.
Gozleme being made in Patara, Turkey
Gozleme being made in Patara, Turkey
  • Venison in New Zealand. This one might surprise people, as New Zealand generally gets more pub for it’s stunning natural environment and the hiking, trekking, kayaking, etc. that goes along with that. Despite this, New Zealand offers top-notch lamb, beef, and, most – uniquely – venison. Leaner and more flavorful than beef, you should get venison at every opportunity. Our best meal was at the Bunker in Queenstown – check it out!

There’s more culinary adventures out there to get to – but these six are a great place to start!

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